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Register for webinar by Dec 6 12-1 pm–factors affecting California’s youth now on an interactive map

3 Dec
UC Davis

UC Davis (Photo credit: arlen)

Are you interested in where in California our kids are getting the best chance at ‘wellbeing‘? Factors like nutrition and health risk factors are now on an interactive web-based map, free and open to the public. This info can empower us to make our regions healthier for our kids and understand what factors contribute to youth ‘wellbeing’ while learning a little bit of geography.

Check out the project, through UC Davis’s Center for Regional Change:
“Please join us for a webinar to introduce Putting Youth on the Map, a new interactive web mapping tool on youth well-being developed by the Center for Regional Change, in collaboration with ANR Cooperative Extension.

To register, go to http://tinyurl.com/PYOM1. Event#: 966143331, Password: youth.”


Stanford study about organic vs. conventional produce is taken out of context

13 Sep

A recent study by Stanford scientist C. S. Spangler et al. compiled the results of 20 previous comparisons of the nutritional and pesticide contents of organic vs conventional produce, milk and meat has been taken out of context by many. Here, for a limited time, please get  your free copy of the study and decide for yourself. Figure 2 shows unequivocally that organic produce contains less pesticide residue. For those of you who buy organic produce thinking that it contains more nutrients, this study might motivate you to buy conventional produce instead. However, for people who are concerned with pesticide residues, this study actually offers some evidence for buying organic produce. Restricted access to the article gives those of us with access the power to decide what  opinions you can have without ever seeing the data. In protest, I am posting this restricted access article for a short time so you can get the real scoop from the source. Please share  your impressions and conclusions from the data!


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