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Enviroblog: Our old bones release lead into our bloodstreams–a delayed hazard of leaded gas

18 Nov
Inner beauty

Bone density scan (Photo credit: kightp)

Seniors worry about decreasing bone density because of increased risks of fractures. A new study suggests that as bones dissolve, they release old lead deposits along with calcium, leading to delayed lead exposure as well.


Enviroblog: A new target for deadly lead?.


New Leaf: This Blog Has Changed

29 Feb

From now on, this blog will be devoted to a broader set of topics, including how we use chemistry and land use planning to solve society’s problems, how we decide what is a problem, what is an acceptable risk, and what is a solution to our problem. Historical lessons and predictions for the future are given emphasis, and I hope this will be a forum where environmental and social justice concerns can be raised.

Download a basic EPA Citizen Groundwater How-To guide! Demystifys acronyms like RCRA, FIFRA, explains “Citizen Right to Know”!

11 Nov